Why training and development is just as important as building a great team

training and development

Why training and development is just as important as building a great team

Whilst building a great team who can get on and work well together is a great achievement, the training and personal development of this team can provide a much-needed boost for your business.

Training is a great opportunity to expand the knowledge base and skills of your current employees. Whilst this may seem costly at first, long-term it will save you money on trying to recruit staff for positions that can instead be filled by a current team member. Training and development of staff has plenty of benefits for the employer and the employee.

So what are the benefits?

Firstly, there will be improved employee performance and employee satisfaction as they will feel that they are being invested in and will feel more confident in their role after further training. This is not only great for the employee but also means that they will be more productive and feel empowered to perform better, therefore benefiting the business as a whole.

Training will also give the team more expertise. Different employees will have different roles within the business, meaning their training and development will differ to that of their colleagues in order to strengthen the specific areas that they need to work on. This will allow your business to have experts in different areas, which will be appealing to your potential clients.

Perhaps one most vital to businesses is the potential for training and development to reduce employee turnover. Employees are now looking for a workplace where they feel supported and have opportunities to grow, and employers need to start responding to this. Training and development is seen as a huge benefit for staff and if they feel that they are being invested in they are likely to support the growth of the business and stay longer.

Training can be of any kind relevant to the work or responsibilities of the individual. There are various training methods including:

  • Mentoring schemes
  • Individual study
  • In-house training
  • Training courses
  • Blended learning

The importance of training and development cannot be stressed enough. It gives a company a great reputation and will greatly improve productivity and happiness within a team.

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