Why sleep is key to a good performance at work

work related stress can have a bad effect on a business

Why sleep is key to a good performance at work

Having a good understanding of sleep and how to get it in the right amounts is crucial to a good performance at work. Sleep is very important when it comes to regulating our emotions, our ability to develop new memories, and our overall well-being. Whilst we all understand the importance of sleep it is often difficult to get enough of it. 

Today we take a look at what you can do to improve the results of your sleep and look at how it can increase your performance when at work.

Sleep improves cognitive function at work

Having good cognitive skills at work is very important, no matter whether you are a knowledge worker or a more manual operator. Sleep helps improve cognitive skills by giving your brain the rest it needs at the end of the day. It also helps to boost your memory and increase mental performance.

Sleep helps improve mood and mental health

In addition to the increased cognitive function, sleep is also very good when it comes to regulating your mood both within and outside of the workplace. Sleep helps give us the rest needed to increase our mental and physical wellbeing.

Good sleep can help boost your immune system

Our final great effect of sleep is the benefit it has for your immune system. Sleep has been shown to increase the strength of your immune system which is crucial when it comes to fighting off bugs and viruses. This also increases your overall well-being which can only be good for performance at work and your mental health.

How do I get better sleep?

When it comes to getting better quality sleep there are a number of different areas that you can look at. Naturally going to bed at a sensible time and getting up at the same time will help to sync your circadian rhythm and increase the ease at which you can fall asleep. Beyond that the tips below will help you improve your shut-eye:

  • Spend time outdoors during daylight
  • Stay hydrated during the day, reduce liquid intake in the evening
  • Make the bedroom a haven, don’t work, exercise or eat in the room where you sleep.
  • In the hours before sleep wind down with dimmed lights, a warm bath, reading a book
  • Avoid alcohol, electronics, heavy meals, work and conflict in the hours before bed
  • Go to bed at a time that enables you to wake naturally without an alarm in the morning
  • Invest in comfortable nightwear, linen and a good mattress

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