Which World Cup Team Are You?

World Cup In Brazil

Which World Cup Team Are You?

With the 2014 World Cup in Brazil around the corner there are a number of ‘teams’ on show, including the players, the management and the administration making it all happen. But, which World Cup team is most like your team?

World Cup In Brazil

Which World Cup Team are you?

Has your team shown a huge improvement over the last few years? – Your team is most like … France

After somewhat of a disaster at the last World Cup, France look to have come on leaps and bounds since then, proving to be a top contender once again.

Is your team built up of young team players and a few level-headed experienced team members, and not individuals? – Your team is most like … England

Recent years have seen the England team buckle under pressure with a lot of expectation placed on their shoulders, but under Roy Hodgson’s management, this seems like the most stable team for many years.

Does your team lead from the front with a lot of responsibility on good management? – Your team is most like … Argentina

Argentina are always classed as one of the best teams in the world, but if you were to remove their strikers they would slide down the World Rankings pretty quickly. Argentina have the richest collection of attacking players.

Does your team go about things the right way, making sure success is built up gradually and never rushed? – Your team is most like … Spain

Spain are the current World Cup champions and also won the European Championships two years later and have built their team up on fluent, passing football. They can sometimes struggle against teams that put their backs against the wall though.

Does your team rely on a well-engineered strategy and never miss a deadline? – Your team is most like … Germany

Similar to the German train system, the German team has been built around efficiency and discipline. The football they play isn’t overly exciting but they get the job done.

Is your team full of creative heads with its biggest selling point being flair? – Your team is most like … Brazil

The host nation goes into this World Cup with a lot of skill and attractive football and they always attack each game thinking, “you can score 3 but we will score 4”. Expect to see a lot of tricks and flicks as they hope to lift the World Cup again.

And finally, does your team have a habit of leaving things to the last minute? Your team is most like … Brazilian stadium builders

Brazil were designated the World Cup in 2011 and some three years later, the opening stadium is still not complete, with around a week left to get it ready.

So, which team are you? 

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