Tree-mendous Team Work in London

Tree-mendous Team Work in London

We are always on the lookout for great examples of team building in London so how about the 100 people who work together every year to put up the giant Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Every year since 1947, a huge Christmas tree is shipped from Norway to London as part of a seasonal tradition. This annual gift is from the Norwegians and dates back to WWII when the Royal Family of Norway fled to London after their country was besieged.

But the present does not come without its complications – mainly getting a 20 meter long object from Norway to the centre of London!  The 50 to 60 year old tree stands level with a six storey building when stationed in Trafalgar Square, so its travel is much more difficult than a typical journey from A to B. From the first time the tree is cut by a lumberjack during November through to when it is transported to the UK and decorated with Christmas lights, there are over a hundred people involved in its journey.

Leadership, planning and communication are the key to the success of this yearly project which includes drivers, lumberjacks, project managers and lighting specialists.  This special crew is contracted to cut it down, get it to Trafalgar Square and then erect the tree – this process takes a couple of hours which, on its own, is a challenging team building task, especially because no one wants any passers-by to get squashed by a rather large dose of Christmas spirit.

This 700-mile trip is a difficult one, so we salute the tremendous team work and planning which means visitors to London can enjoy an impressive tree every year.

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