Top Tips For Success – by Richard Branson

Top Tips For Success – by Richard Branson

London-born billionaire, Richard Branson, recently released his top tips for success, which have since gone viral. Team Building London often circulate key tips to help your team achieve success, so it was great to be able to read something we could relate to, from a well-known business figure.

Richard Branson

London-born billionaire Richard Branson.

Richard Branson identified a number of things that we often blog about. One of the tips he mentions in his recent post was to ‘have fun and look after your team’ and we could not agree more. We wrote a piece recently called ‘Make it Fun And It’ll Get Done” which shows why we agree with Richard.

A pleasant working environment is great for productivity and if it’s not, then it could be time to move on – something echoed by Richard.

Another one of Richard’s top tips was ‘believe in your ideas and be the best’ – which we also agree with wholeheartedly. A blog we wrote a few weeks ago featured ways in which you can ‘boost your team’s creativity’ and gives similar advice to Richard’s. In fact, he mentions that you need to believe in your ideas no matter how out-of-the-ordinary they are.

If you are interested in following some of his top tips, our team at Team Building London will be able to help you to develop your team and have fun in the process too.

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