Top 5 Team Leader Tips Learnt From Bees

Top 5 Team Leader Tips Learnt From Bees

In 2012, there were thought to be too many bees in London according to the London Beekeepers Association so we, at Team Building London, thought it would be good to look at what makes them such so successful in our city .

Bees show great team work.

Bees show great team work.

We discovered that their success was down to team work so here are 5 tips from London’s bees to help team leaders be better at what they do:

1. Co-operation is key
Bees are very small in size but they work together a one single organism to work towards a common goal. This means great things can be achieved with team work.

2. Honest communication and sharing information
Bees use vibrations and pheromones to communicate and pass messages to one another. Technology helps us to communicate within the workplace but honest use of this is important in order to have excellent communication.

3. Preparation
When the sun comes out, the bees make honey. They do this because they know that times will not always be this good so they store extra in case times change (winter). Using this in the workplace means your team can have confidence in tomorrow.

4. Division of labour and proper training
As bees become older, they move up through the jobs within the hive, before eventually becoming food gatherers. This allows them to know a number of jobs and if there comes an emergency, they can help. Flexibility and adaptability in the workplace is advantageous.

5. A prominent leader is also a servant
Many assume the ‘Queen Bee’ is the leader of the hive and has servants doing all of the work, but in truth, the Queen lays the eggs which helps the survival of the colony. This emphasises the focus on team work and working as one organism. This also shows that a common goal will bring success, not a leader that has to lay down the rules.

We can learn a huge amount from bees, but if you want to know more about team work in the workplace, contact Team Building London for more information.

If you are interested to learn more about what bees can do for your workplace, read more here:


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