The importance of encouraging your team to get outside


The importance of encouraging your team to get outside

Many of us will have every intention of adding some adventure to our lives but when it comes to actually fitting this in we fall flat, despite the health benefits that come from being outside.

Having time out and time to enjoy the great outdoors is vital for our mental health. From a business perspective, encouraging your staff to get outdoors at lunch or during their time off will benefit the whole team. Staff who feel supported at work and who can unwind outside of work are more likely to give it their all when they are in the office.

There are plenty of team building activities that can be done outdoors, or alternatively you and your team could get out and about on an outdoor adventure. Below we take a look at a few of the benefits of getting a bit closer to nature.

Physical Benefits

This is perhaps the most obvious of the benefits, but getting outdoors is hugely beneficial for your physical health. Whether it is high-energy activities or a gentle walk, any form of outdoor physical activity can provide some form of benefit.

You don’t just have to consider the calorie burning benefits here, it’s also important to remember that games and activities can also help with your co-ordination and agility skills.

Mental well-being

When walking, camping, or engaging in other out door activities it is not just your body that benefits. Your mind will start to reap the rewards too, as it is free to explore and develop on its own away from the stresses of home or work.

Going away for a weekend to explore other places can also develop or encourage a person’s sense of adventure and takes his mind off from the hustle and bustle of the corporate jungle. Outdoor activities are great for helping your staff to develop self-confidence and creativity.

Increased Work Productivity

People who engage themselves in regular outdoor activity actually tend to be less stressed and their brains often remain more focused, with the added bonus of enhanced creativity.

Employees who are enjoying the outdoors and getting even 10 minutes of exercise are likely to bring a whole wealth of benefits to the team as a whole.


These are just a select few of the benefits of getting outside and having some fun. To begin your team building journey, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

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