The benefits of getting your team together

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The benefits of getting your team together

Over the years, we’ve seen businesses becoming more focused on their employees and how they work together. Whilst workplaces are still hardworking and in some cases competitive, the importance of collaboration and friendship between staff has been seen as key to continued success.

As a result, team building activities have increased in popularity. Team building activities can range from a short activity to a retreat lasting a couple of days depending on the needs and desires of each group. Team building is seen as a fun break from work, but ultimately there is a purpose behind them, which is to develop the skills, knowledge and relationships of your staff.

There is a range of benefits to be had from team building, such as:

Increased Motivation

Team building activities can help to create momentum and make employees feel invigorated and more confident in their own, and their team’s ability.

By working together teams can motivate each other and feel supported through each task. This can in turn increase productivity, as everyone is working together and bouncing off each other.

Encourages Creativity

There are some team building activities that require more thought and creativity than others. Within your employees, there will always be people who have different ideas and approaches than others in the team.

Whilst this can sometimes feel negative due to conflicting ideas, allowing everyone to voice their ideas and have an input can actually have a positive effect, by “cross-pollinating” the business with different ideas.

Team building allows people to unleash their creativity and makes them realise that they are allowed to give an input, even back at the office, to help contribute to tasks and ideas.

Improved Communication

This is perhaps one of the main benefits of a properly planned team building session. By taking employees away from their desks, away from work and away from the confines of the office they are able to have a better space to have some fun and get to know their colleagues.

Team building activities can be a powerful way to develop communication and trust, whilst helping to develop your employees further. To provide full benefit, they need to have a real purpose and be properly planned, rather than just being a “fun day out”.

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