The 5 Dates Staff Are Most Likely to Leave


The 5 Dates Staff Are Most Likely to Leave


With the cost and time required to train new staff, current employees can be invaluable to a company and so steps should be made to keep them.

Retaining key staff is a vital part of a manager’s role, especially if they have niche skills and knowledge. But without resorting to covert surveillance of staff who are visiting job sites and the like, how can you keep an eye out for unhappy team members? Here are five key dates when staff are more likely to leave, that managers can look out for:

1. New Year, new start
The combination of a break from work and time spent considering New Year Resolutions means staff will often reflect on their career at the start of the year. Keep spirits up by welcoming your team back with plans for a positive year to come.

2. Important birthdays
For many people birthdays are a time to take stock, and landmark birthdays in particular prompt thoughts around career plans and goals.

3. Work anniversaries
When employees reach important milestones at work they are likely to start looking for something new. Keep them occupied by giving them new challenges to work towards.

4. After a disappointing review
Feeling underappreciated by their company is a common reason that staff quit. Positive feedback and gratitude can have a huge impact on someone’s perception of their job.

5. Following bad press
When a company has been in the news for negative reasons, such as falsifying sales figures or executive scandals, many staff will be tempted to jump ship. Employees want to work for a company whose ethics are in line with theirs, so if this is challenged they will look elsewhere.

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