london team building - black cab chase

The London Black Cab Chase

A corporate taxi treasure hunt in London

London is a great city that longs to be explored. This competitive taxi treasure hunt challenge sets small teams multiple tasks, to accumulate as many points as they can, before they regroup to share the results and re-live their adventure over a drink.

At the outset an energiser activity can be used to build excitement and select teams. Teams of up to 5 are then briefed and handed clipboards, cameras and told where to meet their very own London taxi. Success requires contributions from every team member.

  • Problem Solving – to deduce the solutions to cryptic clues
  • Negotiation – to collect souvenirs
  • Planning – to decide on the most efficient use of time
  • Analysis – to solve the paper based challenges for bonus points
  • Communication – between team members as they assimilate information

Routes can be themed to include historic sites, places on a Monopoly board, Sherlock Holmes or theatres.



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Depending on the group size and amount of time you have, there are lots of different activities that can be included in your London taxi treasure hunt. Some of these activities are:

  • Navigating around London
  • Collecting London themed bonus items
  • Solving cryptic clues along the way
  • Famous London landmark photographic challenges
  • Purchasing challenge – negotiate best prices to win prizes


Duration: Half Day

Location: Central London. Although the treasure hunt can be adapted to start from any office, hotel and conference centre from around London.

Dress: Casual wear.

Investment: £1800 for up to 12 participants. £150 per additional participant