london ligts camera action

London Lights, Camera, Action!

A film making team building activity in London

This film making team building challenge is an excellent way to get teams working together creatively, to produce a tangible outcome within only a few hours.

The theme can be selected to support your business objectives, in the past organisations have used this exercise:

  • To think about and develop culture by creating a recruitment film of their organisation in the future
  • To prepare for a new product launch by competing to make the best TV commercial for the new brand
  • To boost creative thinking by writing and making a sequel to a well known movie
  • To better understand the wider organisation by producing a news format programme

Teams can be left to assign roles themselves or defined tasks can be allocated such as:

  • Writers
  • Director
  • Actors
  • Costume & Props
  • Location research
  • Special effects
  • Stunt co-coordinators

These roles can reinforce learning about how team members interact at work and the way in which they contribute to their teams at work.

The team building film-making programme combines the need for the team to think and work creatively, within a short period of time. Strengths and hidden talents are highlighted when the finished films/outlines are shown at the end of the session. Storyboards encourage visual thinking and planning allowing participants to brainstorm together, thereby fostering more ideas which requires teams to seek consensus within the group.

Your session of film making activities will run along these lines:

Following an open discussion on what makes an effective film, delegates are given some pointers on how to make their film distinctive. Within a set time they must then produce either a storyboard – with a choice of using Polaroids and pens, digital cameras and laptops – or produce a film with the assistance of trained cameramen. This session can be tailored to suit the team’s requirements or budget.

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  • Team film making
  • Creative script writing
  • Sourcing of props
  • Make-up
  • Camera operating
  • Acting


Duration: Half or full day

Location: Hotels, conference centres throughout London or client’s own premises.

Dress: Casual wear.

Investment: £1500 for up to 12 participants. From £75 per additional participant