Our Team Events

Our corporate team building events in London

Our London team building activities give the team a mission to achieve the almost impossible in just a few hours and are guaranteed to bring out creative and problem-solving qualities.

A selection of our corporate London team building activities and corporate event days are listed below, but our imagination is limitless and we’d love to create something completely new for your team.

Black cab1

The London Black Cab Chase

Navigate around the streets with the aim of completing the circuit and solving clues and photographic team challenges in the shortest time possible. Encourages team work, planning, time-keeping, problem solving and observation skills.

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The London skyline team machine

The London Skyline Team Machine

A high energy, large scale team building activity requiring teams to create a famous London landmark and then co-operatate with other teams to achieve a common goal and an explosive finale.

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London lights camera action

The London Lights, Camera, Action!

A fun and creative challenge in which teams work together to plan, deveop, film and edit a short film that will be screened back at the end of the day. The historic buildings in London make a great backdrop to these films.

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Market Mayhen London team building

Market Mayhem London

London’s markets sell everything from art in Camden to foreign exchange in the City. In this game teams must scour London’s markets buying and selling. The team finishing with the least stock and greatest profit wins the prize.

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The Chocolate Challenge London team building

The Chocolate Challenge London

This team building activity simulates business processes in a light hearted and highly creative environment, requiring mental and artistic skills (and a lot of chocolate!). This team event can be run in most London venues.

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The Domino Team Building Event

The Domino Effect London

Teams work together to create a pattern or stunt within the space, time and quantity of dominoes they have available.  The more complex the display the more testing and refining will be needed requiring careful organisation of roles and resources.

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Our Olympic Team Building Event London

Many of us look back fondly at the 2012 London Olympics as a time when Londoners showed how we could work together to put on the greatest games.  Why not harness this nostalgic feeling with your own bespoke version of The Games to motivate your team in the build up to Rio 2016.

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Paint Your Perfect Picture London

An artistic challenge that builds on team co-operation as well as individual skills to achieve the common goal of recreating a masterpiece.

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The Toy Factory London Team Building Event

The Toy Factory London

The Toy Factory gets teams working as a real production line, taking cut-outs of wooden toys through to a finished product. The toys can then be used in different ways to support good causes in this CSR event.

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Logo Logistics in London

Logo Logistics London

50 to 300 participants position themselves into pre-arranged places or work collaboratively on a grand scale to design and create the layout for your chosen image. Culminating in a group ariel photo.

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Breaking Bread in London

Breaking Bread London

Teams learn to make and bake bread, linking the processes of mixing, kneading, proving and baking to the development stages of a team, forming, storming, norming and performing. Culminating in celebration and feasting as the team break and share bread together.

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Century Challenge in London

The Century Challenge London

Teams compete to complete 100 challenges in 100 minutes. This activity works particularly well as an evening or late afternoon event and can be held inside or outside in a London location.

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Generous Giving in London

Generous Giving London

In one hour create a plan to distribute £100 in the most generous way possible. In the second hour, head for the London streets and be generous. Each team is filmed and efforts are scored on the number of people positively impacted, creativity of ideas and the impact on the community.

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