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Are Junior Teams Better Than Senior Ones?

London’s population is predicted to hit 10 million by 2031, with increased migration to the capital due to the long term employment opportunities. On the plus side, when employing new staff you will have a wider spectrum of candidates to choose from. But how do you build the most effective team for your business?

young team

London has seen huge growth in the amount of graduates in the city looking to start their career. If you build your workforce by employing graduates your teams will initially be weighted towards youth, but will they outshine more senior teams?

In our experience, having worked with a number of teams ranging through all age groups, we have found that the more senior the team the less effective they are. Here’s why:

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Tree-mendous Team Work in London

We are always on the lookout for great examples of team building in London so how about the 100 people who work together every year to put up the giant Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Every year since 1947, a huge Christmas tree is shipped from Norway to London as part of a seasonal tradition. This annual gift is from the Norwegians and dates back to WWII when the Royal Family of Norway fled to London after their country was besieged.

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