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Running your business is just like running a marathon

Every year thousands of people take part in various runs and marathons, pushing themselves to the limit. They are constantly training and improving, just as businesses should be. 

Despite their differences, men and women of all ages take part in these events with the shared desire to reach the finish line. To make it to the end goal and to keep improving on their previous time, these sportsmen and women are constantly training, adapting and investing in the right kit.

If people didn’t train for these events, they would be wholly unprepared. Perhaps the same is true in organisations. Some companies think that the odd team outing or team building session will be enough to energise their team and get them to where they need to go.

Just as we prepare for sporting events, businesses should be investing in staff and providing consistent team building days combined with effective training and tools to keep motivated back at the office.

Most team meetings are regarded as tedious and unnecessary when they should be creative and energising. We can help team leaders not just when they are with us for an Away Day but also when they are back in the office preparing for that dreaded team meeting. If you’d like to inject some passion and energy into your team meetings please get in touch to organise a free consultation.

Team Motivation is key to success

Motivate Your Team In 5 Simple Steps

Motivating your team can have a big impact on performance and the general atmosphere in the workplace. So, we have created 5 simple steps to follow that will give your team a boost and increase overall productivity.

Team Motivation is key to success

Team Motivation is key to success

1. Share positive news

During meetings, or around the office during conversation, share information about strategic moves and company goals. Sharing important information can help demonstrate trust to your employees which makes them feel valued and part of the bigger picture.
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Instant team motivation

Five Ideas For Instant Team Motivation

Improving your team’s motivation doesn’t always have to cost the company money. Read our top tips on how you can improve your team’s morale with little effort and no monetary investment!

Instant team motivation

Instant team motivation

1. Take time to thank your team at least once a day. Try not to stick to just a simple ‘Thank you’ when they complete a task you’ve asked them to do, but write a paragraph explaining how useful it has been and how you appreciate it. Doing this will help increase productivity.

2. Make tea and coffee for people occasionally. The best leaders aren’t too proud to do the little things in order to help others and this act of generosity will show your team that you have time for them. Continue reading