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Being The Boss: What Does It Really Take?

Up until now it has been assumed that an intelligent leader is a good leader. But new research into IQ and leadership suggests that being too intelligent in relation to your employees could have negative effects on how they perceive you.

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The Power of Reflection

How often do you take time out to reflect on your business?


To be more effective and productive, sometimes you need to take a step back and review things- past successes, future plans, and perhaps those which didn’t go as expected.

In reality we don’t always get a chance to reflect as often as we should thanks to the fast pace of life in the business world, and so we are forced into making speedy decisions on the go without always having the chance to think them though. This can increase the risk of bad choices being made, as it is through reflection that we learn from our mistakes. By having clear plans we are able to make good decisions with conviction.

The benefits of reflecting 

Reflection sets us up for success, as it can help to bring clarity to our thoughts and enables us to work out the goals that are most important to us. It also provides an opportunity to come up with new ideas, by giving our thoughts the space they deserve.

If you struggle to remember the last time you took some extended time to reflect, then consider booking in some time over the coming months- whether individually or with your team. Facilitated discussions can be a great way to come up with new ideas as well as providing an opportunity for team building.

Time to get out of the office

Taking time away from your desk can help to allow reflection, and Team Building London offer refreshing and motivating activities to get you and the team in a different frame of mind.

From the bustling markets, to the iconic historic buildings of the city, London provides the perfect backdrop to inspire reflection and change for your business.

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Beating The Networking Headache

How To Overcome The Networking Nightmare

There are always a large number of networking events throughout the year and sometimes your boss may pass you an invitation, suggesting you go along to one. Networking is not for everyone, but in this blog we will look at how you might be able to look at networking differently.

Beating The Networking Headache

Beating The Networking Headache

Entering a room of strangers can create a number of fears, including:

• You could get stuck with the most boring man or woman in your industry
• You might be subjected to a hard sell
• You’ll be left standing alone, looking lost

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Team Motivation is key to success

Motivate Your Team In 5 Simple Steps

Motivating your team can have a big impact on performance and the general atmosphere in the workplace. So, we have created 5 simple steps to follow that will give your team a boost and increase overall productivity.

Team Motivation is key to success

Team Motivation is key to success

1. Share positive news

During meetings, or around the office during conversation, share information about strategic moves and company goals. Sharing important information can help demonstrate trust to your employees which makes them feel valued and part of the bigger picture.
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Get Your Team Performing

5 Tips To Help Your New Team Perform

Bruce Tuckman’s wise words about the 4 stages of development (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing) are as relevant now as they were 50 years ago.

Get Your Team Performing

Get Your Team Performing

Improving the performance of a team right from the outset is important, so here are 5 ways you can get them started on the right foot:

1.       Embrace Different Strengths

Successful teams consist of people with a variety of different strengths and qualities. Some members of the team will enjoy solving problems, other will tend to focus on the process methodically and others will enjoy generating new ideas. Embrace the different strengths and use them together. Continue reading

World Cup In Brazil

Which World Cup Team Are You?

With the 2014 World Cup in Brazil around the corner there are a number of ‘teams’ on show, including the players, the management and the administration making it all happen. But, which World Cup team is most like your team?

World Cup In Brazil

Which World Cup Team are you?

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Are You In The Wrong Job?

According to Gallup, 82% of employees that bear the title of ‘manager’ are not up to their job.

Have you chosen the wrong manager for the job?

Have you chosen the wrong manager for the job?

For most employees that strive to gain the addition of manager to their job title finally reaching that moment can be a proud one. The title helps to convey status, success and at times, power.

So, it is quite discerning to know that over 80% of managers under-perform, and here are some of the reasons why: Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Good London Staff Could Quit In January

According to XpertHR, London has a voluntary resignation rate of approximately 11% per year. So with time to reflect over the Christmas period, it could be likely that some of your smartest colleagues return to your London office considering a switch of jobs.

We explain the most common reasons those people may want a change and some ideas on how to keep hold of the talent:

1. The boss is the problem, not the job. The most common reason people look to move jobs is because they want a better boss. Good bosses end up keeping a hold of their best people, this is because they:

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