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Does Your Team Away Day Follow These Important Rules?

meetingsMany team members will roll their eyes at the thought of a Team Away Day if they have found previous events to be boring and uninspired, or unstructured and ineffective. A well planned event can change this attitude as if you follow the rules below, you will find your team comes away feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated to work together more successfully.

Check your Away Day plans include these essential ingredients:

Get the right timing

Set a date well in advance, avoiding any obvious no-go times such as school holidays, to ensure that everyone can attend. It can be helpful to schedule your Team Day with the wider business landscape in mind- is there a period of time every year when your company is naturally less busy? The ‘fresh start’ feeling of the New Year in January, or even the new financial year can be a good time to catch team members when they are in a more flexible mindset.

Have a clear purpose

Make sure that the key aims are at the front of your mind when scoping out a team event, and share these with your team too. Having a clear vision for the day does not take too long to decide on, but it can help transform the whole event by keeping everyone on the same page and preventing the day from going off track.

Make an appropriate plan

Choose the right activities for the day- spending hours in a conference room listening to various talks is not always the best way to get the message across. Try some of our team building activities to break up a day of meetings and discussions, or as a total replacement of these things. Tackling a set of tasks together is a great way to improve teamwork, unite your team and create a truly enjoyable day.

Empower attendees

Attendance at team events shouldn’t be optional, as this suggests that it is not important to the business. Consider employing a facilitator for the day to help lead the day and encourage discussion whilst allowing the company leader to be a part of the activities.

Select a good location

If you always opt for the same location for conferences and meetings, look for somewhere new to create a blank slate. Choosing a unique location will inspire team members and make the day particularly memorable.

Here are reasons why your meeting fail

4 Reasons Why Most Meetings Fail

Meetings can be extremely productive, but on the other hand there are a number of reasons why a meeting might achieve little or nothing at all. Meetings like this aren’t uncommon, but what makes a meeting “fail”?

Here are reasons why your meeting fail

Here are reasons why your meeting fail

Here are 4 reasons why your meetings might be failing to reach their potential:

Loss of Focus

It is commonplace that sub meetings will happen within meetings and this can disrupt the whole purpose of why you are there in the first place. Try to stay on course and avoid losing direction as members may lose interest and will become despondent. Continue reading

Christmas Party Team Building

5 Tips To Make Your Christmas Party Memorable For The Right Reasons

The annual Christmas party is often seen as a chance to let a year’s worth of tension out in one go. This could be a member of staff enjoying the Mulled Wine a bit too much or it could be an argument amongst members of staff who haven’t always seen eye to eye throughout the year.

Christmas Party Team Building

Christmas Party Team Building

This is why it’s a better idea to plan for more thrills than spills at this year’s office Christmas party.

Here are 5 tips to help your Christmas party be memorable for all of the right reasons: Continue reading

Team Motivation is key to success

Motivate Your Team In 5 Simple Steps

Motivating your team can have a big impact on performance and the general atmosphere in the workplace. So, we have created 5 simple steps to follow that will give your team a boost and increase overall productivity.

Team Motivation is key to success

Team Motivation is key to success

1. Share positive news

During meetings, or around the office during conversation, share information about strategic moves and company goals. Sharing important information can help demonstrate trust to your employees which makes them feel valued and part of the bigger picture.
Continue reading

Instant team motivation

Five Ideas For Instant Team Motivation

Improving your team’s motivation doesn’t always have to cost the company money. Read our top tips on how you can improve your team’s morale with little effort and no monetary investment!

Instant team motivation

Instant team motivation

1. Take time to thank your team at least once a day. Try not to stick to just a simple ‘Thank you’ when they complete a task you’ve asked them to do, but write a paragraph explaining how useful it has been and how you appreciate it. Doing this will help increase productivity.

2. Make tea and coffee for people occasionally. The best leaders aren’t too proud to do the little things in order to help others and this act of generosity will show your team that you have time for them. Continue reading