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Wake up and change your day

10 Ways To Change Your Day

It’s easy to form habits and spend most of the working week doing the same thing each day. Change is energising, so instead of taking the London Tube, eating the same foods and wearing the same clothes, why not make a few alterations to your daily routine?

Wake up and change your day

Wake up and change your day

Here are 10 ways to transform your day:

  1. Eat different food – try something new for lunch. How about a salad instead of the usual sandwiches for example.
  2. Take a different route to work – instead of hopping on the Tube, why not walk or use the bus to experience different things.
  3. Plan your working day differently – try not replying to emails until midday, for example, and see how productive that is. Continue reading

Improve Your Team Meetings

Team meetings are useful to help discuss progress and goals and to share ideas but we get a number of people telling us that their team meetings are unproductive and boring. So below is a short video clip to help inspire, as well as amuse, your team and kick off the useful discussions such as “What should we be saying more as a team?”

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