Smart Teams Talk More

Smart Teams Talk More

At first glance, a workplace where everyone is heads down, typing away, looks efficient but there may be more to it than meets the eye.


Teams work smarter when they talk more.

If the typing consists of firing off brief, or easily misinterpreted, emails to fellow employees who are only a stones-throw away, then there is a risk of alienation, instead of building strong in-work relationships with colleagues.

An interesting advert on the London Underground reads, “Can’t reads worse than it sounds”, and the point this advert is trying to make is that people talking to one another will be more likely to find a solution, instead of typing that the task ‘can’t be done’ and then pushing the problem back.

After working closely with a company to help develop their team work skills and relationships, we advised them not to check their phones and emails during the day. When they were allowed to check their phones they were astonished at how few emails they had to deal with. This helped us to highlight that people working in the same office often lose productivity by emailing each other instead of having a conversation which can be much more efficient, more fun and more entertaining.

Ideas are created from idle chat, as are trusting relationships, and these both help solutions to be found which is good for your business.

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