Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

Firing an employee

Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

Most managers face a number of tricky situations in the workplace on a daily basis – one of the toughest is having to decide whether to fire an under-performing team member or not.

Firing an employee

Firing an employee

If you’re faced with this task, here are 5 considerations to ease the decision:

1.       Does good past performance justify a weak future performance?

Just because team members were once strong, it may not necessarily mean they will be as strong in the future. Weak team members may reflect badly on other staff, suggesting that under-performance is okay.

2.       Does the cost of keeping this person outweigh the cost of letting them go?

It is important to recognise the cost of both. How much of your organisations outgoings are the cost of people? Don’t just think about it financially, you need to also consider productivity and any other office politics this staff member might be creating.

3.       Will this affect their colleagues?

If at all possible, find out how other people feel about the situation and whether they feel that this person is holding them, or the team, back.

4.       Is this person teachable or able to raise their game?

Everyone goes through a down stage and will need a second chance. It is important to understand and recognise those people that will bounce-back or those that will make the same mistakes again and again.

5.       If this person handed in their resignation, would you feel relieved?

If you answered this question with a “yes”, then you are probably delaying the inevitable and its time to bite the bullet and let them go.

As with hiring or firing any employee, it is important to consult with an HR professional before you make a decision.

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