Olympic Challenge

olympic team day and events

Olympic Challenge

olympic team day and eventsAs the 2016 Olympics gets closer, we are running a range of special team games inspired by the ultimate sporting competition.

Celebrate Rio 2016 with our Olympic Team Challenges

Why not celebrate Rio 2016 together with your team by joining us for a series of Olympic inspired team challenges? These challenges are based around the lessons we can learn from Team GB’s Olympic success in recent years, which can be applied to any team.

One example of the many lessons we can learn from Olympic teams is the concept of ‘marginal gains’ which led the GB cycling team to success at the London 2012 Olympics. Matt Parker worked with the team to identify small tweaks and improvements that might have seemed inconsequential on their own, but which combined to ensure a winning performance.

We’ve had the privilege of working with members of the British Canoeing Team, who alongside their punishing training and extraordinary determination have discovered that taking time out to play and have fun together makes the team stronger. Just like winning sports teams, the best office teams possess clear vision, determination to succeed, complementary strengths, willingness to adapt, resilience and shared goals.

Enjoy a day of Olympic Themed team events

This year we are offering a number of Olympic Themed team events, including some based at the site of the London 2012 Games. Whether you have a full day or half an hour, a team of 300 or half a dozen, we’d love to share some Olympian inspiration with you.

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We love creating unique team building exercises, so simply call us on 020 3051 6385 with your requirements and we will set to work dreaming up some innovative team activities for your next event.

Or take a look at all of our team building activities currently running in London.

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