How to motivate your team in 5 simple steps


How to motivate your team in 5 simple steps

Being able to motivate your team in the right way can have a big impact on the performance of the team and the general atmosphere in the workplace. To help you motivate your team, we have outlined 5 simple steps to follow to help give your team a bit of a boost. 

1. Share positive news and get people involved

During meetings, or around the office during conversations with staff, be sure to share information about strategic moves, company goals, and any other positive milestones that have been reached. Sharing important information can help demonstrate trust to your employees which in turn makes them feel valued and part of the bigger picture.

This can not online motivate them, but also help them to understand what their part in this bigger picture is.

2. Set short-term goals

Goals of any kind can help to motivate your team. Creating challenging short-term goals for your employees can give a focus for their energy and help to get tasks completed. Once these goals are achieved, it’s important to follow up with praise to reinforce good achievement.

3. Say thank you more

As mentioned above, praise is important. If you go out of your way to thank team members for a job they have done and explain how or why you think they did it well, it will make them feel more positive during their working day and will empower them to do more and reach other goals.

4. Offer flexibility 

Whilst you may not want to offer flexi-time on a constant basis, for specific projects it is worth allowing your staff to work from home in the peace and quiet as this can actually boost motivation. It is important you see good results from this though – if you do then you can allow the privilege to continue.

5. Do your bit for your team

Show your staff that you can muck in too. Little gestures like making drinks for people will speak volumes about you and how you interact with your team.

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