How to scrap lengthy meetings for better productivity

How to scrap lengthy meetings for better productivity

More often than not, meetings leave us feeling bored or deflated. They are long, boring, and can be so disorganised that it feels like a complete waste of time. In the modern business world, there is no need for lengthy meetings that see little results and have no positive impact on productivity.

Instead, take a look at some of the ways you can change how you do meetings to benefit your team and your business.

    • Email instead
      While it can be tempting to get everyone together whenever you need to make an announcement, consider whether it is 100% necessary to do it face-to-face or whether an email would be sufficient.
    • Meet virtually
      As more companies employ remote workers, it can be even harder to get everyone in the same room for a meeting. Try hosting a video meeting via Skype or Google Hangouts to get the same effect of a meeting even with employees who are working from other locations.
    • Take a walk
      If you dread having one-to-one meetings to catch up with team members, you could try and make them more energising by switching to walking meetings. Not only will you get a break from your desk, but walking can also help to encourage more open and engaging conversations.
    • Change it up
      Next time you are struggling to keep everyone’s attention during lengthy team meetings, try introducing games or activities to liven it up. This is a great way to make sure that everyone is engaged. You could even book a team building event to make your next team meeting really fun.
  • Time it
    If you really have no choice but to schedule a meeting, then try to give a specific length of time to each meeting, and even each part of the agenda. Knowing that the clock is ticking can help attendees to avoid getting stuck on one topic and encourage them to come to decisions more quickly.


Hopefully, these ideas may inspire you to change how you schedule meetings at work. There are so many alternatives to the monotonous meetings we have come to dread.

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