How to develop and train your team in 2020 and beyond

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How to develop and train your team in 2020 and beyond


With more and more teams putting a bigger emphasis on remote working there is a danger that with the reduced human contact in the workplace there could be a detrimental effect on mentoring and leadership development in teams. This has to some extent been mitigated by increased video conferencing and digital team building activities, but you may have found your internal training and development of your team has deteriorated as you have spent more time on cash-generating activities for your business. 

Whilst you should prioritise your business’s ability to function above all else, ignoring training and development for too long can have big consequences. Your team may become stagnant, not questioning current or seeking out better methods of working and they may start to feel that the organisation has stopped investing in them as professionals and people.

This month’s article shows you how you can train your team digitally in 2020 and in the coming years. 

Encourage workers to seek out online courses and pay for them

With many companies going digital there are a lot more online courses available for employees. Seek these out, and encourage your employees to do so too. They can be a great way to increase technical knowledge and your employees in many cases will be able to learn at their own pace. 


Make time for digital training workshops

Digital training programmes are still out there and sometimes group participation can increase the overall effectiveness of the training for all workers involved. These digital training workshops can be conducted over conference calls and can be a great way for your team to meet up with a direct reason for the meeting. 


Book in time for employees to attend digital conferences

One great way to increase training and networking opportunities amongst employees is by sending them to industry specific conferences. These provide digital learning opportunities in the form of workshops and lectures and some also provide opportunities for networking and connection. 

Use a method of learning methods to hammer home the message

When it comes to finding the right learning methods you need to consider the fact that different people learn better in different ways. Some would prefer more synchronous learning, where all people are participating in the activity together. This can come in the form of digital workshops with an instructor or group learning activities over conference calls. 

Another form of learning could be asynchronous, with access to online courses and video-based training. Whilst less immersive, this type of development is flexible and can be a great way to provide employees with productive activities to do when they are finding themselves less busy at work. 


Get your employees input on what works best

When it comes to giving the appropriate training to employees, you should avoid imposing outcomes on them as much as possible. Research shows that if people are involved in the decision-making process, it improves the uptake and their enthusiasm for learning. Get your employee’s input on what they want in terms of training and development and you will be off to a winning start. 

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