How to continue team building from a distance


How to continue team building from a distance

With working from home being the new normal for many office workers, it is now more important than ever to ensure employees are remaining engaged and are communicating with each other.

Managers must work to input appropriate measures to keep team morale up and to keep everyone happy and productive all at the same time. This is no easy task, but we’ve got some ideas for how you can virtually team build with your team.

Virtual team building ideas for your employees

1. Online games

Online games are a great, fun way for employees to engage with each other. There are so many games to choose from online, from Call of Duty Mobile for the heavy gamers to more inclusive games such as virtual UNO.

Games can be a good way to get people laughing and can help to break the ice if you are trying to onboard new employees virtually.

2. Virtual coffee breaks

Coffee and tea breaks have long been used for having a bit of a natter. Everyone needs a break from working for 10 minutes, so why not encourage your team to have virtual coffee breaks where they can sit down and have a chat with their colleagues.

Coffee breaks can help people to de-stress and are an easy way to get people interacting with eachother more.

3. Get quizzical

Most of us love a good pub quiz! It gives people a chance to be a bit competitive, use our brains and have a laugh with a few drinks.

There are plenty of virtual pub quizzes online that you can join, otherwise try creating your own. If you want to get everyone involved, you can give each person a category which they need to develop questions for.

Quizzing is a great way to get social, both in person and virtually.

4. Virtual team lunches

Socialising with colleagues is helpful for building healthy workplace relationships and can give people a chance to let their hair down.

Whilst a proper lunch date isn’t possible, teams can still meet to have lunch via video conference and have a chat. If you want to make things really interesting, try selecting a recipe to try for lunch and spend the time cooking it together.


The biggest risk with lone working is that employees feel disconnected and isolated due to lack of communication. Virtual team building can help to keep up regular communications between colleagues and managers, and can get everyone having a bit of fun.

Don’t forget to check out some real-life team building activities when things return to normal!


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