Ever Wanted To Work At Apple?


Ever Wanted To Work At Apple?

While we were researching how to retain energy, culture and innovation for a fast-growing client, we found a recruitment film by Apple. Apple is a business that strives for constant improvement and this video gives you an insight into their working culture.

A few standout sound bites include:

“Thinking outside the box, it’s funny we don’t really think about the box.”

“There’s a belief in the power of small teams, to do really great things. And if you get the right people in the room, with the notion of ‘let’s do something really great’, then great things can happen.”

“There is not just one way to solve a problem. One must be flexible and adaptable and those that work at Apple have the ability to adjust quickly to circumstances that constantly change.”

“Work, when structured right, is one of the few places you can really find meaning.”

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