Do You Spend Most Of Your Day At A Desk?

Do You Spend Most Of Your Day At A Desk?

There are a number of us that sit at the office, sit during our daily commute and sit down again later in the day when we rest at home – this can add up to around 14 hours every day.

Sitting at work all day can cause weight gain.

Sitting at work all day can cause weight gain.

Recent research shows that a day spent sitting down at your desk can undo the benefits from cycling to work and even going to the gym.

In fact, there have been a number of studies conducted to monitor inactivity and what part this plays in the rise of obesity and diabetes.

London is one of the biggest problem areas of people sitting down, especially during their journeys on the tube and then when at work.

Dr Tom Yates, Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity at the University of Leicester, recently said that “sitting could be more harmful than smoking”, given that around 15 – 20% of people smoke compared the amount of people that are sat for prolonged times of the day.

Standing as we work can improve our heart condition, tone our bottoms and legs and can reduce weight gain too, whereas sitting for more than eight hours a day can have the reverse effect on our health. Sitting for prolonged times can upset our blood sugar balance as well as causing back and neck pains too.

It could become an option for many offices to offer a standing work place if the employee would prefer it. A number of smart managers are already adopting stand-up meetings and walking one-to-ones in order to create a more active format to help with efficiency as well as providing physical benefits.

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