Do Robots Show Better Team Work Than Your Employees?

Do Robots Show Better Team Work Than Your Employees?

Technology improves all the time and one impressive piece of kit that is the robot. Robots date back as far as 1515 when Leonardo Di Vinci designed the first one but have come a long way since then.

Today, they are much more advanced, so advanced in fact, that economist Andrew McAfee believes jobs could be filled by droids in the very near future.

This video shows robots at the 2012 RoboCup – a yearly robot football event where robots showcase their skills and team work.

The good news is that despite the incredible advances in technology, these robots show that they are still a million miles away from functioning like a human can. A human brain responds to thousands of messages every time we move and a robot cannot conquer this just yet.

The bad news is that if your job doesn’t involve walking about, robots could be challenging for your job sooner than you think. Although, there is nothing demonstrated in this video that should make you think twice about employing robots.

It could be a good few years before robots will show the team work that your human employees can. The RoboCup could be coming to London in the next few years though, so your workforce might be able to see what they are up against.

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