Competitive vs collaborative team building, which is better?

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Competitive vs collaborative team building, which is better?

Team building activities come in all shapes and sizes and will suit different teams. You have to choose between the type of activity, whether it is indoors or outdoors and whether you want it to be a full day or half day. One other thing that you might want to consider is whether you opt for an activity that is competitive or something that requires the whole team to collaborate.

What is competitive team building?

In a competitive team building event, attendees will be split into smaller teams to compete against other teams.

Competitive activities can be really fun and can give everyone a bit more motivation to get involved and really give the activity a go. These activities often work well for teams who already work in a fairly competitive environment and have a few different teams or departments in the workplace already.

The value of competitive team building activities is that they quickly reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Different communication and working styles can also be highlighted with these activities. In activities where teams compete against one another, not everyone reacts in the same way. Some jump at the chance to lead, others avoid it at all costs. Some people are open to taking direction and advice, others not so much.

Competitive team building will give you a chance to highlight the different skills and attitudes within your team, which can help when directing your team.

When selecting this type of team building, you should be wary that it is not for everyone. Different personalities and different teams will respond to competitive team building differently.


What is collaborative team building?

Collaborative team building usually involves an activity where a group of employees are given a problem, situation, or set of tasks that they must solve and complete together.

In these activities, communication between all employees is key and can make all the difference in the success or failure of the team. Unlike competitive team building, there is no win or lose.

Collaboration is essential for organisations to maximise the effectiveness of their teams and these sorts of activities are a great way for teams to focus on the benefits that come from working together.


If you are struggling to decide, you can also find plenty of activities which incorporate both competitive and collaborative elements! If you are looking to meet specific objectives for your event then you will need to think about which type will allow you to do this. Take a look at our range of team building activities to see what would suit your team.

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