Can Leaders and Teams Learn From Gold Medal Teams?

Can Leaders and Teams Learn From Gold Medal Teams?

London remembers what it was like to host the world’s biggest sporting event in the summer of 2012, but Sochi has been in the spotlight this year hosting the Winter Olympic and Paralympic games. But, there is a great deal that leaders can learn from the teams from this event.

Olympic GameWe have three things these leaders and teams can learn:


After achieving two medals in the Curling at the Winter Olympics – a silver and a bronze from the men and women respectively – both teams in this sport have placed a reason for their success on having fun together. Already being great at what they do, there is little else they can do to improve their performances, other than having fun. Two medals for the Curling teams show that this works!

One Goal

Team members, across performers and management staff, have to sacrifice their weekends, holidays and social lives in order to be the best they can, and although their success is recognised after a medal, often it is the hard work leading to the event that gets dismissed. It is this effort and work towards the end goal that makes team so great.


One of the key Olympic values is to ‘encourage participation in sports’. Some of the most successful teams will have a clear sense that what they do is for the greater good and their behaviours are determined by a shared set of values. Sharing values in sport and in the workplace is crucially important and is something our Olympic Team Building Event will help to improve.

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