Boost Your Productivity With These 5 Tips


Boost Your Productivity With These 5 Tips

How many times have you reached the end of the working day only to find that you have barely made a dent in your ever-growing to-do list?


However good your intentions may have been that morning, if you are not working efficiently then this can happen all too often.

We’ve got 5 tips to share with you, from the most productive people we’ve worked with:

1. Get enough sleep
To get the most out of your day, start the night before by making sure that you get enough sleep. Take time to wind down and try to avoid looking at screens right before bedtime- the blue light they emit stimulates your brain which can make it harder to get to sleep. Wake early and try to include some exercise- a 30 minute walk is a great way to kick-start a productive day.

2. Prioritise your task list
Stephen Covey coined the phrase ‘Keep the main thing the main thing’, along with ‘Begin with the end in mind’, one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Remembering these rules can help us focus on the work that matters and to avoid getting caught up in distractions of the day that hold us up from reaching our goals.

3. Get the right fuel
Tempting as it might be to skip meals because you simply ‘don’t have time’, you need energy to keep you working at your best. Breakfast is essential to prepare you for a productive day, and if you can try to eat lunch away from your desk- even a 10 minute break from looking at your screen can make for a much more productive afternoon.

4. Beat the clock
Challenge timings to fit more into your day- if you feel that meetings always drag on far longer than necessary, why not see if a 60 minute meeting can be squeezed into 30 minutes? If you have been dreading a certain task, set yourself a timer and dedicate your focus to it fully- you may be surprised how quickly you get it done!

5. Make 1 Minute Count
In the seminal One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson explain how just 60 seconds spent giving one to one praise, coaching or correction can have a substantial impact on the staff we manage, and consequently our own time.


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