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Making bad decisions can show bad leadership.

Avoid These Top 3 Leadership Fails

Making mistakes is often forgiven when the outcome is small but when bad decisions are made by leaders, the outcomes can be far, far worse. Here are the top 3 leadership fails:

Making bad decisions can show bad leadership.

Making bad decisions can show bad leadership.

Social Media – Social media has grown 10-fold over the last decade and although it gives people and companies a licence to share news and events with the public, some people are using it in the wrong way. Continue reading

Think Smarter

5 Unusual Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working in a busy city like London can be physically draining and putting in extra hours might seem like the only thing to do, but working smarter instead of harder could be a better use of your time.

Think Smarter

Think smarter, not harder.

1.       Take Naps

At Google, those employees that put in additional hours can enjoy a nap in one of their high-tech sleep pods to help recharge. There has been research that shows taking naps can lead to an improvement in cognitive function, creative thinking and memory performance. Continue reading

World Cup In Brazil

Which World Cup Team Are You?

With the 2014 World Cup in Brazil around the corner there are a number of ‘teams’ on show, including the players, the management and the administration making it all happen. But, which World Cup team is most like your team?

World Cup In Brazil

Which World Cup Team are you?

Has your team shown a huge improvement over the last few years? – Your team is most like … Continue reading

Millenium bridge

Embarrassing Miscalculations Made By Teams

With news of French state-owned railway company SNCF creating over 2,000 new trains that are too wide for a number of station platforms we thought it would be interesting to look at other miscalculations made by teams that have proved to be very costly…

Millenium bridge

The Millenium footbridge in London.

The Houses of Parliament in London are home to the Big Ben bell, which happened to crack during testing back in 1857. This bell was later melted and recast but when the new bell was installed in 1859, this also cracked. With much of the blame being disputed, it was thought that the material of the bells was too brittle, but instead of changing the bell, they changed the hammer. Continue reading

Are You In The Wrong Job?

According to Gallup, 82% of employees that bear the title of ‘manager’ are not up to their job.

Have you chosen the wrong manager for the job?

Have you chosen the wrong manager for the job?

For most employees that strive to gain the addition of manager to their job title finally reaching that moment can be a proud one. The title helps to convey status, success and at times, power.

So, it is quite discerning to know that over 80% of managers under-perform, and here are some of the reasons why: Continue reading

Do You Spend Most Of Your Day At A Desk?

There are a number of us that sit at the office, sit during our daily commute and sit down again later in the day when we rest at home – this can add up to around 14 hours every day.

Sitting at work all day can cause weight gain.

Sitting at work all day can cause weight gain.

Recent research shows that a day spent sitting down at your desk can undo the benefits from cycling to work and even going to the gym.

In fact, there have been a number of studies conducted to monitor inactivity and what part this plays in the rise of obesity and diabetes.

London is one of the biggest problem areas of people sitting down, especially during their journeys on the tube and then when at work. Continue reading

Improve Your Team Meetings

Team meetings are useful to help discuss progress and goals and to share ideas but we get a number of people telling us that their team meetings are unproductive and boring. So below is a short video clip to help inspire, as well as amuse, your team and kick off the useful discussions such as “What should we be saying more as a team?”

Continue reading

5 Daily Habits That Bring Success To Leaders

As a leader in the workplace it’s easy to become overwhelmed with a full inbox and busy meeting schedule. Here are some daily habits that every leader should adopt in order to be more productive and bring them success.

  1. Work without distractions – Most great novelists create their best work when they are in their sacred place with no distractions. Very few claim they were able to create a masterpiece whilst in an open-space office.

    Good Habits

    Make good habits in the workplace, not bad ones.

  2. Take a break or two – Dickens was known to take a 3-hour walk every afternoon to let his observations feed his literature. Having breaks can clear your mind and can save you time later in the day so you can be more productive. Continue reading

Top Tips For Success – by Richard Branson

London-born billionaire, Richard Branson, recently released his top tips for success, which have since gone viral. Team Building London often circulate key tips to help your team achieve success, so it was great to be able to read something we could relate to, from a well-known business figure.

Richard Branson

London-born billionaire Richard Branson.

Richard Branson identified a number of things that we often blog about. One of the tips he mentions in his recent post was to ‘have fun and look after your team’ and we could not agree more. We wrote a piece recently called ‘Make it Fun And It’ll Get Done” which shows why we agree with Richard.

A pleasant working environment is great for productivity and if it’s not, then it could be time to move on – something echoed by Richard. Continue reading