8 Tips For Using Humour In The Workplace

8 Tips For Using Humour In The Workplace

Work, for many, is serious business where we need to meet targets, meet project deadlines and to ensure we do our job correctly.

fun at workA lot of managers argue that humour can distract their team from the job in hand, but a quote we at Team Building London are reminded of is, “Just because the work you do is serious, it doesn’t mean you have to be serious about the way you go about your work.”

Laughter is natural, and using humour in the workplace has its benefits. These include:

  • A more creative way to communicate.
  • Reduces and breaks down conflict.
  • It can reduce stress levels.
  • Greater overall creativity.
  • It can build and strengthen relationships.

Although, there is a fine-line between using humour well in the workplace and it having a reverse effect on your team, we have created 8 tips to help your business use humour in the workplace:

  1. Don’t confuse being a leader with being a comedian. Leadership is your first focus.
  2. An attempt at bad humour is not an acceptable excuse for unacceptable behaviour. Racist, sexist, ageist, and other forms of discriminating acts are no acceptable and will not be met with laughs but rather consequences.
  3. Use your humour to lift people’s moods, not to put them down. Laugh with people, not at them.
  4. Don’t try too hard to be funny. When someone tries to be funny, the humour often falls on deaf ears.
  5. Use your humour to make people feel more comfortable rather than more awkward.
  6. Gags and practical jokes should be used in moderation and with the work’s code of conduct. These jokes are only funny if the person on the receiving end finds them so.
  7. Don’t single someone out with your humour, use it to help them acclimatise.
  8. Sarcasm is not a license to belittle someone. If you can see that that person is unimpressed with your remarks, you will need to apologise and refrain from this again.

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