8 Rules To Make Meetings Great

Conference Meeting Room

8 Rules To Make Meetings Great

Meetings can easily fall into the trap of being unproductive and a waste of time, but there are ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to your meetings.

Conference Meeting Room

Make Meetings Great

We first saw these meeting ground rules in a conference room of a Japanese car company, and have been using and recommending them ever since.

The next time you decide to hold a meeting, try and enforce these meeting rules and see what difference it makes:

1.   Make sure you start and finish on time

2.   Every team member needs to be open and honest

3.  Be sure to share responsibility for achieving objectives

4. Create an agenda and stick to it throughout

5. If it feels like the meeting is becoming unproductive, say so at the time, don’t let it carry on

6. The discussions always need to be productive, so try to make sure they are

7. It is important only one person speaks at any one time

8. Listen to the person talking – don’t interrupt – and wait for your turn to speak

Follow these simple ground rules and make sure each meeting you have is worthwhile. You will get out of it, what you put in.

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