5 Ways To Boost Your Team’s Creativity

5 Ways To Boost Your Team’s Creativity

London is the central hub for business in the UK.  This makes it difficult for a company to stand out from competitors in the same industry.  That said one way is to improve a workforce’s creativity because better ideas could help to put a business above its competitors.

With this in mind we have created five tips to help improve a team’s creativity:

  1. CreativityRelocate – Moving away from the usual working environment can often trigger new ideas. London has a wide variety of great locations so move to the nearby café, park or pub for some new ideas.
  2. Don’t stop – Always look for new ideas and different suggestions, even if the first solution is a good idea. It might turn out that you find a better idea.
  3. Stray – A number of ideas were found when looking for something completely different. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the normal. The Post-It notes and KFC were two such examples.
  4. Stimulate – Use different collateral like magazines, newspapers and images to help with fresh ideas. Scatter random objects around the office or desks of the team and let them fiddle about with them.
  5. Be extreme – By discussing unusual and ridiculous ideas, the team can try and creative something from them. Once these ideas are listed it is easy to work backwards to a workable solution.

London businesses are part of a competitive market, not just in the capital but further afield too, so creativity could play a beneficial part in being different to others in the industry nationally and internationally. These tips above should not only generate some valuable ideas, but it could also motivate and inspire the team.

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