5 top tips to improve virtual team building


5 top tips to improve virtual team building

Whilst some businesses start to get back to normal and let people return to the office, there is still a large majority which are continuing to work from home. As we turn to a bigger virtual presence in work life and our everyday lives we’re redefining culture, both personally and professionally.

With this comes a change in attitude to how teams communicate, and how we do team building. Right now, team building is something that doesn’t seem to be working for many businesses be that due to time or general logistics. However, we’ve got some top tips for how you can improve your virtual team building to give your team the boost you need!

Top tips for better virtual team building

1. Make video calls about more than just sight and sound

In order to learn and retain information, our brains need variety. We need to be stimulated in order to learn and in order to get the most out of our brains.  For your next virtual event, you should encourage attendees to try something different and to encourage some fun to mix it up a bit. Depending on what tone is most appropriate, you could ask everyone to wear their most outrageous shirt for the call or have a day of fancy dress based on a specific theme.

Of course, for serious corporate meetings, this isn’t necessarily going to work. But try to think of some ways that you can shake up any video calls that are less formal.

2. Add some narrative

It is believed that the human brain is hardwired to learn best through the art of storytelling. If we have a narrative which we can make sense of, then we remember information better and process it better.

Before your next virtual event, have a think of how you can create a narrative for it with a beginning, middle and end. This will give the meeting more structure, and will help to keep employees more engaged.

3. Clearly define purpose

There’s always a classic scenario of a quick meeting that could have just been put into an email. The moment of frustration when you find out that the meeting is essentially pointless.

Try to determine whether you actually NEED everyone on a call. If you do think it’s necessary, then make sure that you clearly define the purpose of the event, whether it be to go over marketing strategy for Q4 or to just have an informal catch up over a coffee with everyone.

By defining the purpose of the meeting, everyone attending knows what to expect and what to prepare for.

4. Have some fun

Team building is a combination of workplace collaboration, and having some fun to break the ice and build relationships.

Aside from all of the regular virtual meetings, try and book in some that are more playful and include some element of game. We learn and we engage if we are having fun, so this is a great way to team build virtually.

Quizzes are obviously a popular choice, but you can give online games such as UNO a go for example.

5. Create an inviting environment

Humans want to be a part of something, we want to feel connected to other people. This is even more true in times of uncertainty or stress. Try to create an environment that is inviting, open and which gives staff of all positions a sense of belonging.

Encourage your team members to chat to eachother and to their managers, and foster a working environment which is built on collaboration.


Virtual team building can be hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We hope that we can invite you back soon to do some face-to-face team building!

We love creating unique team building exercises, so simply call us on 020 3051 6385 with your requirements and we will set to work dreaming up some innovative team activities for your next event.

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