5 Tips To Make Your Christmas Party Memorable For The Right Reasons

Christmas Party Team Building

5 Tips To Make Your Christmas Party Memorable For The Right Reasons

The annual Christmas party is often seen as a chance to let a year’s worth of tension out in one go. This could be a member of staff enjoying the Mulled Wine a bit too much or it could be an argument amongst members of staff who haven’t always seen eye to eye throughout the year.

Christmas Party Team Building

Christmas Party Team Building

This is why it’s a better idea to plan for more thrills than spills at this year’s office Christmas party.

Here are 5 tips to help your Christmas party be memorable for all of the right reasons:

1. Mingle, don’t just sit

Booking a meal for your team is a good idea, but a long table with a three course meal could mean people get stuck next to other team members they don’t necessarily have the best rapport with. A party is better when people have the choice to mingle with people they want to talk to. If you are providing food arrange a buffet so people can socialise and do as they wish without feeling stuffy or it being formal.

2. Control the alcohol

There is always one person who gets their ‘money’s worth’ when it comes to alcohol so try to keep control over how much free drink is supplied. Instead of paying for a free bar, you could organise a tasting session so people still get to enjoy having a drink but don’t have the opportunity to go over the top.

3. Don’t be the first one there

Being the first person there is always awkward so instead you could arrange for your team to be split into groups and enjoy the London Black Cab Chase before they get to the party. That way people will arrive around the same time, or in groups, and have plenty to about when they arrive.

4. Reward your staff with an experience

Your Christmas party doesn’t have to be a drink-fuelled fest – doing something completely different won’t be met with disapproval either. For example, spending a couple of hours enjoying our Chocolate Challenge will be much more memorable than a hangover the next morning.

5. Be a real Secret Santa

Office Secret Santa can be an awkward affair – no one likes opening presents in front of the people that bought them just in case they don’t like the gift! Instead of doing an office Secret Santa, why not take part in our Toy Factory London Team Building Event and work together as a real production line. The finished products can be donated to charity where children in need will benefit, giving the whole present-giving experience much more meaning.

We love creating unique team building exercises, so simply call us on 020 3051 6385 with your requirements and we will set to work dreaming up some innovative team activities for your next event.

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