5 Essential Features of Successful Conferences

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5 Essential Features of Successful Conferences

conference tipsAs conference season is well and truly upon us, we have been considering the most important elements of a good team event or away day. If you are planning a conference event then follow these 5 tips to ensure it is a success.

Relevant content

Inevitably parts of the day will be more relevant to some team members than others, but make sure that you present the right content. Hours of digging deep into financial data is best saved for a management only meeting, and while it’s good to keep everyone in the loop on business aims and goals, the core message can often be summed up a lot more quickly and easily than you might think. Keep it short to ensure that everyone takes it in; you can always recap in follow-up notes or emails.

Engaging activities

Is there anything worse than being stuck in an airless conference room with no room to get up or move around? Our bodies are not designed to sit down for hours at a time, and after a while even the most avid listeners will inevitably find themselves zoning out. Moving around regularly is essential to keep us at our best, so try to limit talks to under an hour with plenty of breaks for people to get up for some fresh air. Better yet, swap some of the presentations for activities that people can join in with- you can still get the same information across in a seminar/workshop set up, but having smaller groups will help team members feel more engaged.

Efficient planning

At an ideal conference, attendees should know what they are doing and when, each part of the day should start on time and there should be no waiting around. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and things can and do go wrong, but with enough planning you can prepare for all eventualities. Employing a professional conference host to arrange the event and run it on the day will help to make sure that everything goes to plan.

A suitable location

The right location can really make the day, especially if you think outside the box when deciding where to go. While hotels and other conference facilities can be useful if you are organising an event for a large team, don’t discount more unusual venues. Try a beautiful historical building, relaxing outdoor space or inspiring sports venue to create a memorable backdrop for attendees.

The chance to have some fun

Conferences don’t have to consist of a day spent sat in the same room listening to different presentations with a brief escape for lunch at midday. Add some fun team building activities to get everyone involved and to make sure that your team looks forward to their day out of the office.

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