5 Daily Habits That Bring Success To Leaders

5 Daily Habits That Bring Success To Leaders

As a leader in the workplace it’s easy to become overwhelmed with a full inbox and busy meeting schedule. Here are some daily habits that every leader should adopt in order to be more productive and bring them success.

  1. Work without distractions – Most great novelists create their best work when they are in their sacred place with no distractions. Very few claim they were able to create a masterpiece whilst in an open-space office.

    Good Habits

    Make good habits in the workplace, not bad ones.

  2. Take a break or two – Dickens was known to take a 3-hour walk every afternoon to let his observations feed his literature. Having breaks can clear your mind and can save you time later in the day so you can be more productive.
  3. Separate work from admin – Daily correspondences are more frequent than ever now, making it harder to focus on the more important tasks in hand like strategizing, writing and designing. By choosing specific times of the day to deal with these correspondences you can get the more important tasks completed first.
  4. Wake up early – The saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’ has some truth in its meaning; unlike the end of the day, early mornings can provide the perfect opportunity to take advantage of solitude. A lot of well-known successful leaders get up early, some work late too, but the morning is often the most productive.
  5. Work as a pair – Having a supportive partner can be extremely useful and although many successful leaders might not admit it, they rely a great deal on their partners and PAs. Andy Warhol was a great example; Pat Hackett, his lesser-known secretary, would spend around 2 hours a day taking notes and recordings of Warhol’s thoughts so he could spend more time concentrating on being creative.

Habits are easier to start than they are to break, so by incorporating these habits into your daily routine, being a successful leader will be a great deal easier.

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