3 Reasons Why Good London Staff Could Quit In January

3 Reasons Why Good London Staff Could Quit In January

According to XpertHR, London has a voluntary resignation rate of approximately 11% per year. So with time to reflect over the Christmas period, it could be likely that some of your smartest colleagues return to your London office considering a switch of jobs.

We explain the most common reasons those people may want a change and some ideas on how to keep hold of the talent:

1. The boss is the problem, not the job. The most common reason people look to move jobs is because they want a better boss. Good bosses end up keeping a hold of their best people, this is because they:

• Listen to their colleagues’ opinions
• Develop their team to be better
• Give constructive criticism and advice
• Value each person’s contribution

2. 68% of employees disagree with what the company they work for stands for. This includes the fancy branding, values and initiatives, especially if the view of the organisation doesn’t match the rhetoric.

• If the profit of the company is the most important thing, make sure you are honest. Pay well and don’t be surprised by your staff not being loyal.
• Every organisation has things they are not too proud of from the past, so don’t let this affect the future.
• The senior members of the company will be judged on how they act and what they do, not what they say.

3. A person’s role can often lead to frustration and lack of productivity. Most people know that they could be more productive with better training, so communication is key.

• Discuss progress and potential development.
• Ask your staff what their highs and lows have been over the last year.
• Suggest team building activities for your team.
• Talk about what they have learnt.
• Agree on a development plan for them to start during this New Year.

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