3 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Office

Some New Year Resolutions

3 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Office

We often set ourselves resolutions at the start of the New Year – some of us fail and some are still going strong, but as personal resolutions fade, we have put together three ideas to help improve office life.

Some New Year Resolutions1.       Better conversations, less meetings

Formal meetings on a Friday and a Monday should be banned. Instead consider informal lunches and chats over coffee on these days. Oxford Think Tank Career Innovations research identifies that closing the “Conversation Gap” can help organisations build trust, increase employee engagement and retain talented people more effectively.

2.       Find a new seat

Offices are often laid out in functional groups, which can work from a departmental perspective, but by allowing people to sit with people from other functional areas, employees will overhear more about the whole business. Communication tends to break down outside our usual teams, whereas this mix of employees will help improve interaction and exchange of ideas.

3.       Have fun, play games

Throughout school we were taught to separate class time and play time, but in the workplace the two needn’t be separated. In fact, there are advantages that stimulate creativity, build relationships among employees and promote a sense of belonging and membership. Opinions on what sorts of games should be played in the workplace differ, but generating ideas, attempting a difficult task and measuring performance can all be forms of “play” too.

These New Year’s resolutions for your office can help breakdown boundaries and make work more fun. There’s a good chance that you will see an improvement in performance too.

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