10 Tips To Create A Positive Work Environment

10 Tips To Create A Positive Work Environment

23 per cent of Londoners work over 45 hours a week, compared with 19 per cent in the rest of the country, so it is even more important that the working environment is a positive one to keep productivity high.

positive environmentWe have created a list of ten tips to help create a positive working environment:

1. Build trust – this is one of the most important things you can do. It shows reliability, responsibility and accountability.

2. Communicate positively and openly – Each employee needs to feel valued and through listening and communicating, this can be achieved.

3. Expect the best from your staff – A concept called ‘The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’ states that people will generally perform in a way that others expect them to perform, so higher expectations could help staff rise to the occasion.

4. Create team spirit – Feeling like we belong to something bigger than ourselves is a basic human need and creating a feeling of unity will be beneficial on all group members.

5. Give recognition and appreciation – When someone does something good, recognise it and appreciate it.

6. Give credit and take responsibility – Similarly to above, give credit for success and take responsibility when things don’t quite go to plan.

7. Be approachable – By presenting an attitude of approachability, staff and customers will see that you are available and happy to speak on all levels and positions.

8. Make staff evaluations a positive experience – Staff evaluations are important and this is a great opportunity to praise them for their efforts and spirit. Even if there are aspects that need to be improved, make them positive.

9. Provide a positive physical environment – If you work in a physical environment, make it bright, clean, cheerful and well-presented. Personal space is also important for staff to feel like they have their own place.

10. Make it fun – As mentioned in our previous blog, make it fun and it’ll get done. People want to work in an environment that they enjoy, so find reasons to celebrate including birthdays, birth of a baby, moving into a new home etc. and provide cakes and banners.

With people in London putting in the extra hours at work it is important to make the workplace a positive environment. Positivity will help maintain and improve productivity so by using these tips staff will feel valued and respected.

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