London provides a superb backdrop for team building. The city contains numerous districts from the modernity of Canary Wharf to the Victorian charm of Kensington. Markets abound selling everything from antiques to zucchini. The extensive transport system makes treasure hunts possible across the whole city, on red buses, black taxis and even Boris bikes.

Our diverse variety of team building events blend fun with learning, ensuring your next London meeting isn’t limited to talking shop in a sterile conference room. Instead, discover more about London’s charms and your colleagues’ characters. Here are some of our most popular team building events in London…


The London Black Cab Chase

Navigate around the streets with the aim of completing the circuit and solving clues and photographic team challenges in the shortest time possible. Encourages team work, planning, time-keeping, problem solving and observation skills.

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The London Skyline Team Machine

A high energy, large scale team building activity requiring teams to create a famous London landmark and then co-operatate with other teams to achieve a common goal and an explosive finale.

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London Lights Camera Action

London Lights, Camera, Action!

A fun and creative challenge in which teams work together to plan, develop, film and edit a short film that will be screened back at the end of the day. The historic buildings in London make a great backdrop to these films.

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Market Mayhen London team building

Market Mayhem London

London’s markets sell everything from art in Camden to foreign exchange in the City. In this game teams must scour London’s markets buying and selling. The team finishing with the least stock and greatest profit wins the prize.

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The Chocolate Challenge London team building

The Chocolate Challenge London

This team building activity simulates business processes in a light hearted and highly creative environment, requiring mental and artistic skills (and a lot of chocolate!). This team event can be run in most London venues.

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We love creating unique team building exercises, so simply call us on 0203 4689 694 with your requirements and we will set to work dreaming up some innovative team activities for your next event. Or take a look at all of our team building activities currently running in London.

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